Safety Expert Jeffrey Redding of Chicago Shares Security Best Practices For Your Home When You Travel

Enjoy your next trip and ensure your home is safe and sound with Chicago Jeffrey Redding security expert's tips

You're planning your next trip and your itinerary is all worked out, you have your tickets, and the excitement is building for your departure day. Jeffrey Redding, a Chicago security expert emphasizes that your home should also be prepared with certain safety cautions taken to stay safe in your absence. You can enjoy your trip knowing that your home will be safe and your belongings secure, waiting for you to return from your trip.

With over 20 years of safety and security experience, Jeffrey Redding Chicago safety expert has seen his fair share of home robberies. The majority of these crimes happen when homeowners are away from home, enjoying a vacation or trip. Thankfully, Jeffrey Redding Chicago knows the best tips to give homeowners to help prevent an unfortunate surprise when they return from their trip.

A simple and very effective way to keep an eye on your home while you're away is to ask for help from a friend or family member. With a local pair of eyes looking for problems at your property, Jeffrey Redding Chicago police veteran notes a significant decrease in problems when homeowners are away.

It's very important to make sure that certain people know you're away from home, while others don't know that you're away from home. Jeffrey Redding Chicago security advisor recommends telling the police that you are traveling but advises refraining from posting online that you are away from home. An exciting trip is a great thing to share with family and friends on social media, but it's also a red flag that Jeffrey Redding Chicago safety advisor sees very often.

In general, Jeffrey Redding Chicago advises to take some time and prepare your home with these simple safety measures before leaving for your trip. You most definitely have a packing list for your trip, add a few items to your checklist to make sure your home is safe and secure when you return from your trip.

Jeffrey Redding, Chicago veteran police officer, and security expert dedicated over 20 years to the Chicago Police Department. He is an experienced investigator with two Inspector Generals Offices and the Office of Internal Affairs. With his extensive security experience, Jeffrey Redding also served as the Director of Operations for two Chicago-based security companies. With these companies, he oversaw the recruitment, retention, training, and assigning of security officers for sight placement. In Chicago, Jeffrey Redding is well known for his excellent career in safety and security.


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